5 music production tips to hook customers onto your songs

By Airfix Music TeamApril 8, 2020

How to make your songs appeal to listeners who are looking for music for their videos on online music libraries?

Here is a short video that presents 5 useful tips on how to structure a song that will attract the customers' interest and how to optimize its performance.

Tip 1

Compose a short and catchy introduction. Most listeners' interest will fade after 5 seconds of listening.

Tip 2

In each part of your composition, make sure to create build-ups. Add small elements gradually, so that the song doesn't sound too repetitive.

Tip 3

Compose different musical forms to guide the listeners' emotions from point A to point B. Make sure to maintain a consistency within the range of emotions you address.

Tip 4

Make sure the listeners can feel the end of a music form by creating clear transitions that are supported by reverse or depth effects. Some video editors will like to use those moments to create an impact with their visual content.

Tip 5

End your songs with chords that fit the overall piece. Keep in mind that the video editor will more than likely need to shorten the track and use the last chord earlier in the piece. Don’t neglect the sustain of the last chord : the longer, the better. It is preferable to have a longer conclusion than a short one, in order for the video editor to be able to adjust the fade out with the images.