General Questions

Royalty-free music refers to original musical productions that can be licensed for synchronization use. Once a license is purchased, the licensee can use the track as many times as s/he wants on one project, in accordance with the conditions of use. Purchasing a royalty-free musical piece through a license does not make you the owner of the piece. It is important to review and be aware of the conditions of use specified in the license contract.

A synchronization license is a contract that authorises a licensee to use a musical work in an audiovisual project in exchange for remuneration paid to the artist. Synchronization rights refer to the process of including a song in a video. In a license agreement, we find all the terms and conditions the licensee must agree to in order to respect the composers and their work.

By purchasing one of our user licenses, you eliminate all risks of being blocked on YouTube since you obtain the required authorization to broadcast your videos on the Internet. Refer to the License Comparison Table to make sure you purchase the adequate license to cover your type of broadcast.

The Airfix catalog is mostly non-exclusive. We still work in collaboration with some artists exclusively.

Synchronization licenses offer interesting flexibility, both for personal and professional projects. According to the Copyright Act, whether for you or for a client, licensed music may not be resold, transferred, shared or sub-licensed. The user cannot claim to be the composer and copyright holder. The audio files may be edited, cut and intermingled according to the licensee's wishes, but it is forbidden to add or record additional instruments over all parts.

A music cue sheet is a document that provides details about all the music used in an audiovisual production such as a film, a series episode or a TV commercial. This report contains the following information : production name, producer and actor names, country of origin, date, titles of musical works used, related composers and publishers, ownership shares and details about the length and the way the work is used. This information must be sent by the producer to the copyright management society of your country so the artists can receive broadcast royalties.

You can find a cue sheet template from the copyright management society of your country. Here are some links:

Canada SOCAN
United States ASCAP
United States BMI
France SACEM
United Kingdom PRS
Australia APRA
Spain SGAE

When you purchase a Pro Licence on Airfix Music, you probably intend to use your video for commercial broadcast, in which case you must complete and send your cue sheet to the copyright management society of your country. If one of our works is listed in your production, please send us a copy by email at cuesheet@airfixmusic.com. If you also deal with other music publishers or a label company, it is highly recommended to send them a copy.

Airfix is ​​a great opportunity for independent composers to profit from a showcase and make their creativity more dynamic and profitable. Licenses and copyright allow artists to collect royalties on their synchronized music as well as royalties on all other types of rights administered by the various collecting societies.

In order to become an Airfix artist, you must apply by submitting your demo here: www.airfixmusic.com/workwithus. Your application will be analysed within 2 to 3 days and you will hear back from us by email. If your application is successful, a member of our team will contact you directly to initiate the integration steps. If your application is not successful, you will also receive an answer by email.

Sure! The group manager has to follow the same application steps as the independent composers. Submit a demo on www.airfixmusic.com/workwithus. If your application is successful, it is important to note that we ask all music providers to send us their songs in seperate instrument stems. It is therefore necessary to have access to the mix sessions.

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