Monetize your work

Use the Airfix Music platform to enhance your music revenue. License your songs for films, commercials, documentaries and videos from all around the world.


Keep your authors' rights if you plan on using your work in other contexts or become a member of our exclusive music providers.


Upload your music whenever you want. Follow your sales activity and grow your music catalog.

Our musical values

Equity, community spirit and authenticity are three important values we live by at Airfix. No matter who you are as an artist and what kind of music you make, your contribution matters. As a creative team, we know how important your work is, and we support you in your creative process.

EquityCummunity SpiritAuthenticity

To verify before submitting your music

Is your music 100% original?

Make sure you own all the copyrights of your songs. The samples you used must also be royalty-free, if they come from an external provider.

Do you have access to your mixing sessions?

If you didn't mix your songs, make sure you have access to the session files. You will need it to send stems files, following the approval of your demo.

Is your music available exclusively ?

If you wish to become a member of our exclusive music composers team, make sure your music has not been published anywhere else.