How to benefit from student access

To enjoy the benefits of student access, simply apply the student download code from your school at check-out. Airfix must have previously entered into a partnership agreement with your establishment.

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How to apply the student code

To download your favorite songs for free, you must register on the platform with a student email address provided by your school. Then, apply the download code at check-out. If you don't have a student email address, ask one of your teachers for access.

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Terms and conditions

At all times, when a license is granted to you or allocated to your school via a student download code, for any publication on the Internet, you must mention the source of the music in the description of the project by copy and pasting this link.


Download and display the Airfix logo

In the credits section of your project, Airfix Music must be included for the music used. If you have a highlighted partners section or page, the Airfix Music logo must be displayed.

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Student FAQ

No, the term of the licenses granted is valid for an unlimited period. This means that if you publish a school project on the internet during your training, the license remains valid for this same project after the end of your studies.

Yes, you can use the same song in various student works, making sure to always respect the terms and conditions mentioned above for each project.

No. All songs downloaded using a student download code must be used only and exclusively for your school works. If you wish to use a song from our catalog for a personal project, you must obtain a license at your expense.

Airfix must have a signed agreement with your school for you to have student access. If a licence needs to be obtained, ask your teacher to contact Airfix Music.

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