Subscription Now Available

By Airfix Music TeamNovember 10, 2021

Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to design several new features that will gradually be released to our music platform in the coming months.


To get started, we're excited to announce a brand new annual subscription plan available now. This plan offers the ability to download songs and unlimited licenses for only $ 12.99 / month ($ 155 per year). Our subscription license provides the same coverage as our Pro license. This will allow subscribers to enjoy full, hassle-free coverage regardless of the scale of their projects. You can subscribe now.

Pro license

Purchases of individual songs remain available, and we have revised the terms and pricing of our pro license. You can now get it for $49.99.

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You may have noticed changes in the payment page that will save you time during a transaction. You can now add and save different payment methods and reuse them in a new transaction. Payment methods can be managed quickly from your account.

While waiting for our next news, we invite you to stay informed. Several giveaways and massive promotions to come.

The Airfix team